...de sólo estar (2013)

The main idea of this work is to explore the capabilities of the instrument to simulate a complex texture of virtual polyphony, by means of a proliferation of different layers of musical material. The form was conceived by continuously varying the way in which these materials are combined, often superimposing or juxtaposing layers where each one carries its own tempo, rhythmic characteristics, dynamic contour, harmony, and position in the register.

This textural density, however, is not synonym of bravura: the piece is written in a somewhat non-idiomatic way, avoiding the traditional virtuoso marimba passages in favor of quiet harmonies in pianissimo and long, sustained, resonance-type rolled sounds, which is one of the main performance manners of the work. The result is a kind of 'calm complexity', tensely maintained, that leads to a liberated, more violent conclusion.