Jardín de lágrimas (2014)

Jardín de lágrimas (Garden of tears) is the third of a cycle of solo string works comprising Lágrimas, for solo cello and Una furtiva lágrima, for viola.

It is conceived as a highly virtuosic étude in which several layers of melodic material are developed by means of an extensive use of hidden polyphony. Both the rhythmic structure and the global form are based on a fixed sequence of numbers and proportions, which eventually proliferates affecting all levels of the construction. Beyond that, the overall expressive curve is treated in an almost romantic sense, and there exists in the piece a certain ‘narration’ that the listener is invited to discover.

The title refers to the constructive aspect as well as to the emotional contents of the work: development, blossoming and proliferation on the one hand; anguish, melancholy on the other.

This piece was awarded the 2nd Prize at the First Jean Sibelius Composition Competition, Finland, 2015. Kaija Saariaho was chairperson of the Jury.