Tres versiones de Capricornio (2013)

This work is constituted by three pieces that, in turn, show three different readings of "Capricorn" from the cycle Tierkreis by Karlheinz Stockhausen. Each piece is the result of a process of filtering of the original melody, in a way that, along successive iterations, some notes are suppressed while others remain intact. The 'preserved' notes are always kept at their original place of attack, although the individual durations may appear altered. This fact allows the development of new melodic and harmonic configurations that remained somehow 'hidden' in the original version. Although there are no new pitches, neither rhythmic nor melodic added materials, there does exist at various levels an elaboration of the 'missing' parameters in the original melody's structure: tempi variations as a formal articulation device, dynamic fluctuations, changes of timbre, etc. In the second piece, the relative location of each pitch in the register is also altered.

Besides the reference to Stockhausen's work, the structure of Tres versiones de Capricornio pays homage to the mind and the spirit of the Argentine composer Gerardo Gandini.